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Financial Planning Melbourne

With over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry – the team at Excel Financial Solutions can offer you expert advice across a wide range of topics.

Whether it is tax related or evaluating your different types of insurance cover – we can help. Get in touch with the team today to learn more.

Expert advice for achieving financial excellence

When it comes to managing wealth in today’s complex market, it literally pays to have a team of experts on side. Balancing risk with solid financial performance is no easy feat.

At Excel Financial Solutions we learn about your unique circumstances to create a bespoke financial plan. We then take the plan and turn it into reality which enables you to achieve your financial goals.

What is financial planning

Financial planning is a collaboration between you and us where we create a step by step roadmap to achieving your financial goals. Working with our team is like having a financial coach – we guide you and hold you accountable to achieving what you have set out to do.

Financial planning advice has to be tailored to your specific needs for it to be effective – and it means you need to have a clear understanding of what is important to you. Financial planning is a long term investment – your goals and financial needs will change throughout your life.

Whether you are in the early stages of your working life and are saving for a house deposit, or trying maximise your superannuation benefits before retirement – having the advice of an independent financial planning expert can be invaluable.

financial planning melbourne wealth management services

Wealth Management

Goal focused financial planning
Wealth creation over time takes financial discipline and a good strategy.

financial planning melbourne income and asset protection services

Income & Asset Protection

Protecting you and your family
If something unfortunate happened to you, would you be prepared for it?

business insurance broker financial planning melbourne

Business Insurance

Protecting your livelihood.
If someone critical to your business has a car accident and cannot work for six months – how would that impact your cash flow?

Tax Strategies

Expert advice for a clear strategy on managing your tax.
For many people, their understanding of taxation is murky at best which is why it is important to get clarification from an expert.


The savings that will ensure your financial future.
Superannuation is a long term investment in your future lifestyle, and with access to the aged pension becoming more and more difficult – superannuation is more important than ever.

Self Managed Super Funds

For flexibility and control of your future.
Having a SMSF gives you greater flexibility when making investment decisions and is suited to those who want a more involved approach to funding their retirement.

Retirement Planning

Make the most of your retirement years.
Retirement planning has become more important than ever with aged pension rates declining and the workforce having to wait longer before retiring.

Life Insurance

Protecting those you care about most
Life insurance is not the sort of thing people like to think about on a day to day basis. It is an unfortunate part of life that things can go bad – so it is important for you to take steps now to ensure you have good coverage should the worst happen.

Excel Financial Solutions can help build wealth and secure your financial future.
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