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The savings that will ensure your financial future

It pays to start saving now.

Superannuation is a long term investment in your future lifestyle, and with access to the aged pension becoming more and more difficult – superannuation is more important than ever.

By starting to invest in your super balance now you can utilise the power of compounding interest and see your investment grow for you over time. Taking your superannuation seriously now can mean that your asset values double in 10 years with a return rate of 7% p.a.

Superannuation is also the most tax effective money around with a tax rate of only 15%. Spare cash can be contributed to your super balance in order to reduce your overall tax liability each financial year. Our accounting and financial planning experts at Excel Financial Solutions, can work with you to come up with the most tax effective, long term savings and superannuation strategy so you can truly make the most of your super.

Are you wasting super on excessive fees?

The enemy of compounding interest is management fees – and unfortunately most superfunds charge significant fees. A lot of Australians have multiple superannuation accounts which means you will probably be getting charged more fees than you should. As part of a clearly established saving plan, you want to make sure your retirement savings are not getting eaten away by management fees.

The team at Excel Financial Solutions can help you get on top of your superannuation by consolidating your accounts, finding lost super and putting it to work for you. This may mean setting up a self managed super fund (SMSF) if you want to take active control of your investments.

More and more people are shifting towards SMSF’s to improve the flexibility and diversification of their superannuation investment portfolios. Learn more about SMSF’s here

Did You Know?

$50,000 invested at a return of 7% p.a compounding over 10 years will be worth over $100,000. Compounding interest is a very powerful investment tool over time.

Approximately 40% of Australians have more than one superannuation account. Have you checked if you have multiple accounts? If so you will be wasting money on excess management fees.

CHOICE estimated that Australians are wasting about $1 billion per year on excessive superannuation management fees!

There is over $18 billion in lost and ATO-held superannuation accounts – make sure your super is working for you, not sitting an account somewhere being charged fees.

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