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Tax Strategies

Expert advice for a clear strategy on managing your tax

Get a clear picture of your tax situation.

For many people, their understanding of taxation is murky at best which is why it is important to get clarification from an expert. At Excel Financial Solutions our team of accountants and financial advisors can help you to create a road map – so you can clearly understand your tax liability position, develop strategies to fund your tax liability, and come up with a tax minimisation plan for the most efficient use of your income.

Each individual is going to have different income streams and ultimately different needs when it comes to taxation strategies. As tax consultants our team will offer you highly customised advice, whether you are a business owner, retiree or a high-income individual looking for tax minimisation strategies. With our complete range of financial services under one roof – we can help establish discretionary trusts, set up favourable corporate or investment structures or even arrange a self managed super fund.

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A professional tax consultant keeps you and your business up to date with regulations.

Australian tax law is constantly changing, which can make things difficult for businesses and individuals trying to be on the right side of regulation. These changes mean that you need well informed, up to date experts so you can get the best tax return outcome for yourself, your business or your self managed super fund.

The last thing you want is to be in a reactive position when it comes to tax regulations – it is important to take a proactive approach and ‘future proof’ your tax strategy. For those running a business, operating without a tax strategy increases your risk – both from a cash flow perspective and from a legal perspective. The team at Excel Financial Solutions prides themselves on their knowledge of regulatory changes, so you can be confident that you are always receiving the best advice moving forward.

Did You Know?

Discretionary family trusts have been growing in popularity as a way for people to distribute income at a lower marginal tax rate. Ask our financial advisors if using a trust would be tax effective for you.

Tax law typically is updated several times a year, so staying informed is virtually impossible without professional advice. Some of the current areas of focus for the ATO are closing superannuation salary sacrifice loopholes, reducing the company tax rate and reforming higher education loans.

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