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Wealth Management

Goal focused financial planning

Learning how to growth wealth requires discipline and a good roadmap.

Wealth creation over time takes financial discipline and a good strategy. With a huge number of asset classes available today it can be quite challenging to cut through the noise and actually take control of your finances.

At Excel Financial Solutions our team has a good grasp on the markets to help guide you through the decision making process on how to diversify, spread risk and optimise your returns. It is always important to remember a balanced portfolio is the foundation to long term wealth creation.

Wealth management services are not just about balancing portfolios and planning investments – they are also about maximising and protecting what you already have. Our experience in tax planning, income protection and other key services will steer you to a bright financial future.

It all comes down to your goals – do you have a good grasp on your financial future?

Without a clear picture of your financial goals, it is nearly impossible to optimally manage wealth. These goals tend to shift through different stages of your life – so it is really worth putting some thought in and choosing something concrete to work towards.

At Excel Financial Solutions we can help you clarify what you really want, and provide the direction on how to get there. A good starting point is to have ‘SMART goals’.

Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant & Time-Related. For example ‘I want to boost my super balance to $250,000 in the next three years.’ For this example, our team of wealth management specialists can guide you on how to best balance your cash flow, saving ambitions and get the best tax outcome whilst doing so.

Did You Know?

In 2017 Warren Buffett won a $1 million bet: the bet started in 2007, where Warren predicted the return from a S&P 500 Index Fund would beat actively managed hedge funds. He was right – the Index Fund made a return of 7.1% per annum vs 2.2% for the hedge fund.

Billionaire investor Ray Dalio and the importance of diversification: he says that by taking 15 uncorrelated bets you can reduce your portfolio risk by about 85%.

55% of the AFR Rich List made their fortunes in property: long term property investment has a great track record at creating and growing wealth.

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