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Business Loans

Get the right loan for your business

Why use a business loan broker?

At Excel Financial Solutions, we have specialised in the small to medium business (SME’s) arena and have more than 20 years experience helping businesses to secure funding for growth.

With backgrounds coming from banking, financial planning and accounting – our team truly understands the needs of SME’s and the importance of securing the right finance. Our whole business is built around establishing long term, ongoing relationships with our clients. This means we offer you the sort of service that large lenders and big banks cannot offer, and as a bonus – our knowledge of your business means that we can lock in the best finance possible.

What sort of financing is best for my business?

Our team acts as a business loan broker, where we actually care about getting you the right financing for your business. There may not be one ‘right’ answer to what sort of financing you need as that will depend on a range of factors like the industry, what the finance is for and the performance track record of your business to date.

For most businesses the priority will either be on short term cash flow (while they are growing fast), or on overall profitability for a mature business. If you care about cash flow, then long term mortgages with balloon payments may be the way to go. If you are interested in profit, then secured loans will offer you the lowest interest rates.

Did You Know?

For small businesses long term finance is good for cash flow and avoids high interest credit card debt. Ask about what sort of loans could help improve your business cash flow today.

When you get choose the right loan for your business there are tax benefits. Maximising the tax deductibility of any financing is always a good strategy.

Common types of asset finance include: chattel mortgages, commercial hire purchases, finance leases and operating leases. Each type has pros and cons – ask one of our finance experts what structure is right for you.

business loan brokers melbourne

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