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Personal Loans

Personal loan broking with your best interests at heart

Access to a wide range of lenders:

Excel Financial Solutions has working relationships with a host of different lenders from major banks through to second-tier lenders who are more likely to offer finance to those with a lower credit rating, or difficult financial circumstances.

As we work with our clients to establish a long-term relationship, our team can develop a good grasp of your financial position. We can figure out which lenders are right for you based on the reason for needing the loan, your work situation and any other personal factors.

With us on your side, our finance team can make sure you get a loan with favourable terms so you do not need to take on high interest, risky types of loans.

Get the right loan for you:

The last thing you want to do when you need a personal loan is to max out your credit card limits. With interest rates typically over 20% p.a it can take a very long time to pay down credit card debt. As your financial advisors we would never recommend you take on high interest debt like that – even if the situation is dire!

At Excel Financial Solutions our understanding of your financial goals helps us to find an appropriate lender, and tailor the personal loan to meet your needs. With a team of ex-bankers, financial advisors and accountants our knowledge can make sure you get a great deal on your personal loan, no matter what it is for – and make sure it happens fast so you have the cash when you need it.

Did You Know?

Taking on personal debt without proper financial advice may be risky – it is always important to understand how debt repayments will relate to your future financial goals.

Have you thought about the real reason you are taking out a personal loan – you may be able to get more favourable finance and better tax deductibility by structuring your loan in a different way. Make sure you ask one of our finance team to see what is right for you.

There are countless new personal loan products being advertised online and through social media. Make sure you have done your homework first – many of these have hidden fees, so ask an expert about what will be best for you.

personal loan broker melbourne

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